Girls Summer Dress Bright Yellow


Love The World Today

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What an adorable sight it would be, to see a little girl in yellow, twirl and swirl happily. Wherever she goes, she's sure to be spotted as that 'little girl in yellow'!

Made with lots and lots of sustainably grown cotton fabric. Dip dyed in bright yellow

Care for me - Hand wash with a mild detergent. Dry in shade. Warm iron. Wear more often.

Love the World Today - Sustainable Clothing Line for Children
Making quality clothing for kids in a socially, and environmentally responsible way. Our clothes are made with natural fibres, organic fabrics, fabrics hand woven by artisans and weavers across the country. Our dyes are herbal and low impact on the environment - All this while caring for everyone and everything involved in the process. Because we, just like you, want our kids to care about the little big things in life.