Indian/Asian Wedding Survival As A Parent - 10 Top Tips

Indian/Asian weddings – there’s nothing quite like it! I wouldn’t change them – they’re vibrant, loud and the food is so tasty! It’s a real bright point in the social calendar but sometimes, once you’re a parent, they can become something you also dread!  For me, it’s the hassle of getting ready and out of the door – the sheer effort involved can put you off. A little preparation can go a long way, and we know mums are particularly good at that – it’s part of the job description!

I’m sure every couple has their own way to get through Indian weddings and given that the season has begun in earnest, I thought I would share my tips! 

  1. Ironing clothes the night before gives you an extra 15 minutes in bed!
  2. Get up early before the kids are awake and get prepared! Bags packed? Showered? Hair sorted? Then you’re ready to turn your attention to the little monkeys.
  3. Ensure the kids are dressed before you put on your sari and entertain them with cartoons or whatever it takes. Doing it the other way around only risks getting sticky paws, milk etc on your fine silk saree.
  4. Find the most comfortable clothes you can for kids – check out the beautiful items available at House of Aiyla – the Indian Lotus section will have plenty of options for you! It’s always a long day and ensuring they are comfortable in whatever they’re wearing makes for happier children and happier parents! If you’re travelling some distance, consider changing them into their clothes when you’re nearby – that way, everything still looks pristine when you arrive!
  5. A change of clothes is helpful for children – especially for the ride home when they just want to sleep. Like your mum before you, safety pins and extra bindis are a must! My eldest has generally lost her bindi between the front door and the car, so I try to keep an extra pack with me.
  6. Pack a lunchbox or tiffin from home – wedding lunches can be delayed and hungry children can make for chaos and tantrums! Jam sandwiches (a rare treat) fruit and snacks are always a favourite with mine and it means fuss-free eating! Remember to pack wet wipes – you’ll need them!
  7. Don’t forget the iPad or equivalent – let’s face it, weddings can be a boring for kids and this allows them to be entertained whilst ceremonies go on.
  8. Activity packs are essential not only for your kids, but those around them too! Colouring books are fantastic for a bit of ‘quiet’ time while you catch up with friends and family.
  9. Pack the pushchair if you have young ones – you might think they’re cumbersome but kids can nap in them comfortably, allowing you the ability to move around without disturbing them when they finally run out of energy.
  10. Leave when you need – there’s always that tipping point when they’ve just had enough and the trick is to identify it and make a swift exit! 

I’m sure there are loads more but these keep me sane and I hope they work for you too!


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