Indian Weddings And Outfit Truths

Truth about indian childrens wedding clothing

I’m not sure about you, but I remember going to a LOT of Indian weddings as a kid. They would be insanely tedious! From having to wear uncomfortable, ill-fitting clothes and shoes to having to behave impeccably (this is code for not running around, sliding across the glossy floors on your knees, whinging about going home from the moment you arrive or stopping your parents from talking to their friends). Inevitably, it meant a seemingly endless trail of weekends spent in school halls. There were two things to look forward to at a wedding. One was the potential to see your friends – or in my case – friend (Tina): Someone to talk to when mum was busy chatting with family and friends and, more importantly, someone to play outdoors with.

For me, part of the pain of being ‘dolled up’ by my mum was the drawstring on my lengha or churidar – surely I wasn’t alone in this? It was always tied extra tight, to make sure it didn’t move or end up looking scruffy, but ended up leaving marks when I finally got home and changed. Let’s not kid ourselves, we still face that with sarees! My inventive mum fitted me and my sister into longer clothes using a white elasticated belt (to be worn with a leotard if I remember correctly!) – it worked ok too so she may have been ahead of her time with more comfortable solutions!

Weddings have since shrunk and marrying into a much smaller community means less time spent at these functions for me and my family. Although this means my family can enjoy other summertime activities, it also seems a bit of a shame as my kids will have much less exposure to Indian weddings.  It’s especially sad as kids clothing has moved on and makes for a much more enjoyable experience. The biggest in my opinion is the waistband. Two words: Elasticated belts. Why did it take so long?! Where were you in the 80’s and 90’s when I needed you?! Forget the developments in technology and science; this should be hailed as the seminal discovery of our times! Such a humble addition, completely unseen to the rest of world, has changed the experience of wearing a lehenga for our children.

If you’re wondering where to pick up one of these comfy outfits, look no further! The Indian Lotus page will have plenty of stylish pieces which are also incredibly comfortable for kids to enjoy wedding functions for this summer. All our Indian children's clothing use elasticated waistbands so that's one less thing to worry about!

The eagle-eyed amongst you will notice I said there were two upsides to attending weddings as a kid. What was the other? Far-far of course (the colourful crisps)! Everything’s better with far-far.

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