Indian Wedding Dresses For Girls - Floral Designs

Did the infiltration of floral designs at Navratri and the 2016 weddings strike you all the way it did me? It didn’t seem limited to adults, kids are getting in on the action too - and why wouldn’t they? They’re right on trend and appeal on every level: from bold and striking prints in bright hues, to subtle and understated embroidery designs in pastel colours. Last year it seemed something that was on the up but limited in number but this year, it seems to have marked its place in everyone’s wardrobe! It’s been a popular theme here at House of Aiyla too and our clients have been pleased with the carefully curated items on our site.

We think the trend is here to stay. We haven’t seen indications that the demand for floral has diminished and we can see no evidence of it amongst the designers either who are still producing wonderful designs in great variety of fabrics.

It helps that the floral trend isn’t just limited to ethnic clothing. It has been a staple of everyday clothing and has had a renaissance in homeware and so the crossover to Indianwear seems a natural extension of a wider trend. The versatility of the theme to all these different demands means it’s no surprise it has become so popular.

For those seeking something different to set kids apart however, the future may be in alternative print designs. Our Bird Print Lehengas with their deluxe dupatta and matching Jodhpur jackets are currently the choice of a few. The jackets can be worn with Indian clothing and party dress alike and beats a cardigan any day! The pompom tassel additions are playful and exemplify the attention to detail shown by the designer – and they make all the difference! We think this will be a great alternative to those seeking trendy clothing but an alternative to floral.

We’re already working on hand selecting the perfect kidswear collections for 2017. Do let us know what you’d like to see from us!
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