Indian Wedding Clothes Online - What do I know? Trepidation...

Nerves? Papf!

What do I know about retail? Its a world away from my day job of healthcare, managing contracts, negotiations and clinical discussions. Why wouldn’t I have palpitations?!

Truth is, perhaps being oblivious is a good thing. I started this unexpected adventure on a shopping trip for my sister’s wedding this year - haven't we all been there?! - A frenetic three days in Mumbai, with a packed schedule of shopping, eating (not enough, if you ask me!), social visits…oh, and sitting in traffic! It was fortuitous that I was introduced to a clothing range through my sister-in-law. At last, clothing made with kids in mind.

Lightweight, fun, bright, comfortable - all the makings of a wedding without the kids asking “when can I change, mummy?”. I bought everything I needed for the girls and a little bit more (who doesn’t?). Heading back on the flight though, I couldn’t help but wonder why I couldn’t purchase similar things in the UK without an obligatory trip to a material shop and a known ‘auntie’ who’s a dressmaker. Afterall, the retired grandparents don't always ‘fly south’ for winter and the size of the family means I am bound to need outfits for the girls for some function or other. Oh - and the rate at
which my eldest grows, who knows what will fit by summer!

On the basis I could find nobody else offering anything similar, I decided to take the plunge and see what I could establish on my own.

The journey so far has been enlightening and encouraging. I’m lucky to have come across mums who have established their own clothing lines and are willing to work with a novice. Having become incorporated on the week of International Women’s Day, I see it as a good omen to have great women with me in this new adventure.

Keen to ride the wave of energy and enthusiasm in the fresh idea, it seems we’ve managed to launch before nerves got the better of us - I mean, who in their right mind would juggle a full time job, mummy duties and embarking on a new venture?! But it’s amazing what you can achieve with a little belief in your own abilities and good support around you - I must admit, it has awakened me from my slumber. Skills that I have in healthcare are also useful elsewhere - who knew?! My occupation is just that - an occupation - but given a clear purpose and plan, it seems, women can turn their hand to whatever they choose, if you’re willing to learn, and stumble (occasionally)….but

mainly, learn.

So this is me. Learning.

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